Having been established in 2017 in our current form, Phoenix Protection Group has its roots seeded nearly 50 years ago. The core of our company is the diverse and storied experence of our leadership team and the professionals who work with us.

Benjamin J. Zagrobelny, CPP® – Chief of Operations

Having been raised around the environment of the physical security aspect of the industry and several years of experience running daily operations for the family firm, Mr. Zagrobelny merged his technical knowledge into manned security personnel operations in 2007. Having established a solid reputation as an effective security manager in South Florida, he found that there was a significant lack of progressive thinking within the community. There were those that said they wished to see change and improvement within the industry, but very few willing to stand up and implement these changes. This led to Benjamin’s creation of Phoenix Protection Group, an organization fully designed to champion the concerns of industry professionals, clients, and other stakeholders.

Mr. Zagrobelny has managed security and public safety programs for large-scale exclusive residential communities, overseen public safety operations for a venue servicing tens of thousands of unique visitors annually, coordinated medical and logistical operations on the front lines of a global pandemic for the State of Florida, been responsible for the training of scores of related industry personnel, and coordinated personal protection operations ranging from high net worth individuals to assisting the Presidential Protection Division of the United States Secret Service. Throughout this time, he has achieved a number of accomplishments and recognitions.

  • ASIS International: Achieved Board Certification as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP®), the gold standard internationally in security management for more than 40 years.
  • Southeast Florida Fusion Center: Achieved designation as a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) & served as a member of the Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force (SERDSTF).
  • Gated Community Security Managers Association: Achieved designation as a Certified Gated Community Specialist (CGCS), as well as recognition as one of the foremost experts on private community security operations in Florida.
  • Texas A&M University: Instructor – Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)
  • Florida Atlantic University: Executive Education Certificate – Hospitality & Tourism Management